20 år 20:00-04:00 300:-

SMC - om

SMC ligger i stadsdelen Södermalm (Stockholm) och har 20-årsgräns. Stort musikkonvent med en DJ-lineup som innehåller flera världskända DJ:s. Öppettider för SMC är 20:00-04:00. Notera att avvikande öppettider, inträdesavgifter och åldersgränser kan förekomma under t ex jul, nyår, midsommar, valborg, pingst, påsk, mm. Kontakta SMC för mer info.

SMC - Alternativ

Hitta fler uteställen med (upp till) 20-årsgräns, fler uteställen i Södermalm eller alla uteställen med (upp till) 20-årsgräns i stadsdelen Södermalm.


Öppettider: 20:00-04:00
Åldersgräns: 20 år
Inträdesavgift: 300:-


München Bryggeriet
Södermalm, Stockholm
Tel: Se här >>

Om Södermalm

Södermalm, eller söder, som det även kallas, ligger i Stockholms innerstad och slutar vid Slussen. Den kanske mest kända gatan på södermalm, söder, är förmodligen Götgatan, där många krogar, restauranger och uteställen ligger. Några andra kända gator/områden på söder är Hornsgatan, medborgarplatsen, och Mariatorget.

Söders högsta byggnad, och något av ett centrum i stadsdelen, är den såkallade Skrapan. När det gäller krogbesök är ett mycket populärt område på sommaren och våren Medborgarplatsen, där många krogar och restauranger öppnar sina uteplatser.

Karta till München Bryggeriet (Södermalm)

Tyck till om SMC

Om du har varit på SMC vill vi (och andra besökare) väldigt gärna veta
vad du tycker! Hur blev du behandlad i dörren? Hur var stämningen? Hade
du kul? Dela med dig - oavsett om du är positiv eller inte.

18 Sep 2012, 16:25
Hi there. Your story reminds of the story about a llttie child asking her parents where she came from. After much blushing, red-faces, stuttering & an introduction to words such as sperm and egg, the parents are left with a blinking, confused child. She responds to all this new information with I just wanted to know which hospital! I am 43 years old, mother to two. My first child is 23 years old, my second is 2 years old. I think, Rekha, if I were to give you advice, I would tell you that you might be overthinking this a llttie bit. That seems ridiculous to say, I know. But I'm just coming from my own experience of 23 years as a mother.You see, as new mothers, we fret over everything. Will my child be teased at school? Will he fit in? How will his self esteem be without a father? How do I explain this to him? My son's father was never in his life & so I worried so much about all this. I wish I could go back and give advice to my then younger self. And so now, with what I've learned, I am taking a different approach to my own daughter, who is also without a father.So here it is: Why don't you let your son take the lead? Instead of trying to read all these stories about families and explaining to him things such donor conception and your biological clock, why not just take a natural approach and wait until he asks you? Love him, support him, *show* him what your llttie family is like (which I'm sure you already do!). Trust me, he doesn't need to read about single families in a book you've already shown him. So, when he gets older and starts to comprehend other types of families & how they differ from his, he'll come to you with questions. There will be no hypersensitivity to it, as there seems to be now, and it will come across more natural.My daughter is also biracial. When I was pregnant, I fretted not only over her not having a father, but also about how she would come to her own sense of identity, being raised by a white mother. It finally occured to me after she was born, that I would take the same approach with her skin color that I will with everything else from where did I come from questions. Children will definitely let you know what they need to hear from us, our job is to be ready to answer their questions. With my own daughter, I am careful to not make race (or other families, other daddies, etc.) a special issue with her. I don't want her to think that her race or the fact that she has no father is a big deal in the big scheme of things.That I love her unconditionally is what I want the message to be. She'll come to me when she is ready with the specific questions she may have. In the meantime, my daughter will pick up on my general attitude. Actions do tend to leave a more profound effect in our children's lives, anyway.I totally admire your dedication and your sense of awareness. Such thoughtfull parenting is commendable!
11 Maj 2011, 19:04
Munchen suger
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